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The Powers Of The Mediterranean - 1905 Words

Powers of the Mediterranean In the 3rd century B.C.E. there were two great powers in the area surrounding the Western part of the Mediterranean Sea, The African/Spanish Empire of Carthage and the Italian Empire of Rome. Both empires were rapidly expanding their territory while ultimately avoiding each other. Carthage had conquests in South-West Europe in modern day Spain, while the Romans were working their way East into Macedonia. Rome and Carthage were both major powers controlling what to them was the entire world. These two powers are very similar and very different, but after a conflict between them started only one would make it out alive. Before the wars began, in the 9th century B.C.E. a Phoenician Queen known most commonly by Dido, founded a city in Northern Africa, in modern day Tunisia, Known as Kart-hadasht or translating to â€Å"new city†. The Greeks called this city Karchedon which the Romans adapted to Carthago, or Carthage. (Mark 2011) Before Rome, Carthage the center of trade through-out the Mediterranean. Upon the fall of the Phoenician city of Tyre after the conquests of Alexander the Great, Tyrains fled to the city of Carthage. Most of these refugees were extremely wealthy, and upon their settlement at Carthage, they expanded Carthage’s trade substantially. Carthage was experienced with naval warfare and fought their battles with mercenaries, soldiers paid to fight. (Rodriguez n.d.) Comparing to Carthaginian history, there is a lot more documented historyShow MoreRelatedRome s Transformation Of Power Of The Entire Mediterranean Basin2319 Words   |  10 PagesOf the ancient civilizations, Rome was able to transform from a small town into the center of power of the entire Mediterranean Basin. The history of Rome can be traced through the evolution of the Roman Army and by observing the evolution of the troops and the tactics that have been employed by the Roman military since the foundation of Rome to the end of the end of the republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. As the territory of Rome expanded, the military structure, as well as the trainingRead MoreInterrupting The Flow Of History Essay1596 Words   |  7 PagesDisruptions Though out the history of the Mediterranean it has been plagued by huge events that have violated the norm and disrupted the society as a whole in tremendous ways. These disruptions have caused major deviations in the course for the Mediterranean everything from creation of nations to horrible bloody wars to the creation of several major religions and many smaller religions. These changes have created both great joyous things for the Mediterranean and created horrible life altering tragediesRead MoreHow Do Allied Forces Control Sea Lines Of The Gulf Oil?1408 Words   |  6 Pagesforces control sea lines of communications and Land lines of communication in Mediterranean and North Africa for continued access to Persian Gulf oil? Current State: Political – The Vichy French government went into collaboration with the Nazis therefore preventing German forces from having to occupy the French Northwest Africa and securing the Axis flank/rear. Military – All of North Africa and Southern Mediterranean minus Egypt were under Axis control either directly by German/Italian forcesRead MoreWhy Did The Muslim World?1162 Words   |  5 PagesBeginning in the 15th Century, nations such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, Britain, and the Netherlands started exploring for new lands and colonizing them. Driven for power, trade, or expansion, many European powers colonized the New World. Yet when looking at the Muslim contemporaries, the Ottoman, Persian and Mughal Empires did not set sail for new land like their Western counterparts. Why did the Muslim world not partake in exploration and colonization of the New World, despite having equivalentRead MoreHow Rome Became an Empire649 Words   |  3 Pagessatisfied wi th conquering the neighboring land around them. This desire to conquer more land was fueled by the Romans victory over Carthage that made them to become the most powerful state in the Mediterranean region. Through this victory, the Romans had all the opportunity they required to extend their powers across the region. As a result, the Romans became more wealthy and powerful as they were able to expand their empire further (The Roman Empire par, 3). Their pursuit to conquer more land andRead MoreAllied Powers During World War II1513 Words   |  7 PagesDid Allied efforts in the Mediterranean justify a two year delay of the cross channel invasion? If so, why? If not, why? The Allied Powers, during World War II, recognized the only way to achieve a decisive victory was to work in conjunction, and utilize one another’s strengths and assets. However, Great Britain and the United States had differing views on the proper strategy. The United States believed concentrating its power at the earliest possible moment to attack an enemy’s critical centerRead MoreTaking a Look at Hagia Sophia672 Words   |  3 Pagesused to help them develop their civilization was the Mediterranean Sea. This sea has been vital to multiple empires in history, giving them power in trade networks and in their military. Emperor Justinian who reigned from 527 - 565 looked to expand the empire at all times (Brooks). He was a wise ruler because he knew by controlling the Mediterranean it would give him easy access in trading with different civilizations and would give him power by transporting his military throughout his massive empireRead MoreEssay On Isis931 Words   |  4 PagesFigure 1 represents global cost and figure 2 is a table taken from Pakistan. Figure 1. Figure 2. Military Strength In the height of the Soviet Union Times their military power was on par with the United States. When the USSR fell it lost waterways, coastlines, and ports which severely crippled its naval power. Other than its waterways being loss they also lost massive chucks of land. This included military bases and resources. Some of the bases lost were in Ukraine and Georgia that RussiaRead MoreA Short Note On Greek And Roman Civilization882 Words   |  4 PagesCarthage became almost the equal of Rome. Be sure to show the strength of both and how this conflict led to Rome becoming a naval power. Introduction The history of the Ancient empires, there were various wars and rivalries that existed between Carthage and Rome (Morey, 1901). These two nations were well-known for war, power and strength situated at the western Mediterranean and Italian Peninsula. The former is led by Carthage while the other is the great force of Rome. In this write-up, there will beRead MoreThe Differences Between Greeks And Romans1225 Words   |  5 PagesRoman was overall an influence to the Mediterranean world, and became the reason of why things had began to change. As mentioned previously, Rome had become the dominant state in the Mediterranean world. Roman expansion had occurred in three main stages; the uniting of the Italian peninula, which gave Rome the manpower that transformed it from a city-state into a great power; the collision with Carthage, from which Rome emerged as ruler of the western Mediterranean; and the subjugation of the Hellenistic

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