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Analysis Of The Movie Pleasantville - 1325 Words

Jeneen Salti Sociology 19 September 2016 Prof. patelly I can tell you that anyone who has patience in today’s world is not such what we call this place friendly. Pleasantville maybe pleasant, but not at all, it’s just the name â€Å"Pleasantville† is just a simple twist that’s all. David Wagner is a simple, nerdy kid with the fifties addiction in the movie. He s obsessed with the fifty show â€Å"Pleasantville† that plays reruns. This is set in a simple place where everyone is everyone is a perfect character and perky, hostile is dirty word and life is pleasingly pleasant. David addicted to this perfect ideal world, David deepens himself in Pleasantville as an innocent escape from the tough world in his era, that he must share with pretty, popular twin sister, Jennifer. In the movie, one evening, life just his them. This is where it takes an unexpected twist when an unexpected repairman gives them a unique remote control, which takes David and his sister straight into Pleasantville. They become Bud and Mary Sue Parker, the children of Betty and George Parker, the family in the television show. The film also proves that there is no perfect way of life. This is shown when Bud and Mary Sue’s perfect family life falls apart, when their mother, Betty leaves them and their father to do things for themselves that she usually did. The father is confused and very upset about this because he is use to the way that things were. Obviously the mother was not happy with the way that thingsShow MoreRelatedPleasantville1586 Words   |  7 PagesNovember 15th, 2010 Utopia/Dystopia Dr. Viau Pleasantville Pleasantville is a great movie with many hidden messages. The not so obvious but informative messages are one of best aspects of this nineties flick. The special effects are impressive considering this movie is indeed from the nineties. Pleasantville touches base on many actual conflicts in America and throughout history in the most subtle but blunt way. My favorite thing about this movie is how it takes this blind community and showsRead MoreColor Change In Pleasantville889 Words   |  4 PagesPleasantville Analysis Essay In Pleasantville, Gary Ross uses â€Å"Across the Universe† In order to highlight the characters acceptance of their new world of change. The lyrics â€Å"Nothings gonna change my world† defines the thought process of the characters from Pleasantville. The instrument used in these defining words is the idea that, as much as the world around a person changes, the person will picture the happy days that they have experienced. The expression on the casts faces is the brief look

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