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Madrid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Madrid - Essay Example Despite the exponential growth of Madrid as a global city in the world, there exist severe social issues such as social inequality, socio-economic distinction, unemployment, educational differences and gender discrimination etc. The extent of social inequities and uneven development in Madrid is depicted by high suicide rate. Men attempt and commit suicide at a rate higher than women in the city. According to a survey conducted in 1996-97, there were 135 people who committed suicide in which 105 were men and 30 were women.4 In the year 2005, the number of men and women who committed suicide rose significantly to 1,585 and 642 respectively.5 The mortality rate between men and women are different. The differences in suicide rate among men and women can also be explained with the help of distinctions in educational level and socio economic conditions. Out of all the men committing suicide in Madrid, about 63% of men belonged to lower secondary education group. This rate is slightly high er in women, which is 73% at the same educational level. 6 It shows that women at lower education level confront with suicide risk more than men. Suicide rate in men decreases due to increase in the socio-economic well being. This is not the case with women. Surveys show a high level of inequities in Madrid in education etc as compared to the other countries. 7 Mental illness is also a factor leading to suicide which is highly suffered by people having lower socio-economic position in the society. Use of drugs in Madrid is also deeply concerned with the educational level. Drug addiction among women is higher than men. There are serious social inequalities in Madrid with respect to income, education, social status etc that lead to high suicide rates. The lower socio-economic level of people who are attempting suicide reveals the fact of social inequality in the city. As men are more involved with socio-economic activities, this inequality affects the mental attitude of men more than women and thus men have a greater tendency to commit suicide. The concerned authorities have now become more active in removing the inequalities and social gaps among people to decrease the rate of suicides.8 The Madrid city has high social inequalities and issues as compared to other big cities like Paris, New York, Tokyo and London etc. The differences in social and economic status play a vital role in fostering these inequalities among people leading to social issues. People of lower economic level have significant social issues and it is the greatest factor that forces them to take a step like suicide. It is imperative for the government to minimize the existing gaps between citizens in Madrid so as to make the city compete with other global cities more effectively. Women are seriously deprived of their rights not only in Madrid but in whole Spain. In response of this inequality, a movement started in 60's to defend the rights of women called equality feminism.9 There still exists gender discrimination in Madrid with respect to the social and econom

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