Thursday, October 31, 2019

Supernatural literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Supernatural literature - Essay Example The author of the fantastic literature of subversion, Rosemary Jackson, depicts and explores the use of the transcendentalist approach, theoretical perspectives, and assumptions as the basis of supernatural literature (Marcus, 2006). Supernatural literature involves the tracing of the hidden truths, the unsaid and the unseen of culture that lie unnoticed by the law, and the dominant value system. The reversal of this perspective exposes a situation whereby there is a sudden change in the dominant value system. The marginalized groups take the center stage in the dominant value system, with whatever that was central to the dominant system thrust aside. Supernatural texts tend to reveal the contents of the dominant system and its values, in the perspective of the marginalized (Friesen, 2010). Supernatural literature involves a comprehensive account of debates on the Marxist aesthetics, and proposes that Marxism is the lone major sociological tradition, and that sociology has failed to theorize the phenomenon of art. This argues out on the purpose of Marxism, and the perception on socialism and capitalism. Rosemary explores on the casual connection between the real world and the theories. There is the question of realism, in the perception of knowledge and the scientific inquiry in the real world. Fantasy is both theoretical and descriptive, i.e. comprehensive and scholarly, account of the literature of the literature of the fantastic, and a polemic calling for its recognition as a potentially subversive literature (Zipes, 2011). Supernatural literature explores the characteristic themes of fantasy, i.e. transformations or changes, invisibility, doubles and disappearances. Rosemary Jackson’s Fantasy: The literature of subversion explores questions and interrogates the relationships between reality and unreality, self or not self and conscious and unconscious. This is on the basis of the reversed perspective. The silenced in a

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