Sunday, January 19, 2020

Counselling Essay

Identify aspects of body language and explain their necessity in rapport building in counselling Describe what â€Å"body language† or non-verbal communication (NVC) are. Write about body language the S.O.L.E.R and identify aspects of body language useful in creating an effective counselling relationship. Body lanuage is very important of how one looks on the outside during interation with others. If a person looks uninterested during a conversation he will have a hard time making and keeping friends. A good body language involves, keeping good personal space, making eye contact, sitting or standing up straight, and looking interested. You must not do the bad role play,which is stare at the floor, or stare too much at th client. Even scowl, fidget or rock back and forth, cross arms, slouch etc. The counsellor can identify what you are doing wrong. If the clients talks ina very flat voice, the counsellor may think this is his feelings of depression. The counsellor and client attribute characteristic to each other on the basis of non-verbal and para-verbal communiction. Thiscan be used to replace or support words. This can be used to replace or support words. This can conceal as well as to reveal, thoughts and feelings. Counsellors sometimes, can misinterpret clients non-verbal and para-verbal communication and must ask the client, what they are really thinking and feeling. The SOLER are for the 1) eye contact it is essential, majority of the time and showing face movement. This can be gestures, head movement and facial expression. 2) keep still, not to fidget do not rock back and forth, play with your hair or clothes or hands. 3) Personal space , not too far near about 2-3 feet apart is a comfortable distant. 4) Posture sitting up straight or even leaning towards the speaker, the client will know you are interested and encourage active listening. Maintaing eye contact, forward trunk, lean, close distance and medium-rated and high rated verbal empathy results to higher levels of judged empathy . Counsellor must be careful not to misinterpret the efforts of their own non-verbal communications on their clients. Silence is an important form of non-verbal communication. One of the main ways in which counsellors can show acceptance is to give the client both permissin and psychological space to reveal their thoughts abnd feeings. Non-intervention and saying nothing is important way where parents can communicate acceptance to their children.

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